The Bainbridge Island community is ready for innovative, thoughtful, and new leadership. I look forward to earning your vote as your next Bainbridge Island City Council Member.

Meet Anthony

Bainbridge Island is an incredible community that immediately welcomed my husband and me. The history and values of the island made it easy to discover meaningful local organizations and government issues to engage. I hope to continue being involved in our shared community as your next city councilmember.

I’ve spent my career successfully managing projects, preparing public budgets, and volunteering within my community. I’m running for Bainbridge Island City Council to be an effective and collaborative leader who represents all of the Island’s residents. I’m committed to improving transit options, increasing affordable housing, and protecting our cherished water resources. Most importantly, I will work to ensure that everyone who calls Bainbridge Island home has the opportunity to thrive.

I look forward to discussing the local issues that matter most to you and earning your support during this campaign.


Anthony Oddo is a candidate this year for Bainbridge Island City Council – District 1, At-Large. Anthony grew up near Chicago before earning his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Public Policy (MPP) from Duke University’s Sanford School.

After graduating from Penn, Anthony was hired into the Honors Paralegal Program at the Department of Justice’s Environment and Natural Resources Division, where he assisted attorneys on Clean Water Act enforcement cases across the Midwest and Southeast. While completing his MPP at Duke, Anthony worked for the Office of Management and Budget at the White House in the Water & Power Branch. There he conducted budget analyses for the Army Corps of Engineers and the Bonneville Power Administration, and played an integral role in preparing those agencies’ requests for the President’s 2010 Budget.

In addition to his work across the federal government, Anthony has more than eight years of experience as a continuous improvement and project management consultant in Washington, D.C., Seattle, and Mexico City. After he completed his MPP, he joined the Federal and State Government Practice with Deloitte Consulting, where he worked on budget optimization and research for Navy Pharmacy and TRICARE. He also spent a year in Brussels, Belgium, with Deloitte’s Global Public Sector Practice at NATO headquarters.

Anthony is currently the Policy and Programs Coordinator at Housing Resources Bainbridge (HRB) supporting affordable housing and home ownership on Bainbridge Island. At HRB, Anthony is responsible for the organization’s grant writing and advocacy efforts including efforts to secure funding at the local and State levels for low- and moderate-income households.

In the Bainbridge Island community, Anthony serves as the Vice President of the Bainbridge Ometepe Sister Islands Association (BOSIA), was the Chair of the City’s Marine Access Committee, and is a member of the Masters competitive team and volunteer for the Juniors Program with Bainbridge Island Rowing.

Anthony and his husband, Dave, reside in the Tolo neighborhood.

With his commitment to progressive solutions and years of experience in public budgeting, continuous improvement, and project leadership, Anthony is uniquely qualified to serve the people of Bainbridge Island.

Why Anthony

Anthony will apply the same values he followed in more than a decade of experience in project management, public budgeting, and community service to the Bainbridge Island City Council.

Community and Respect: Bainbridge Island is a remarkable community that deserves to be represented by a council dedicated to the success of everyone. Whether you grew up on the island or are a new family just getting settled, everyone deserves an equitable and fair Bainbridge Island that offers the opportunity to thrive. Anthony will work to ensure that all residents, staff, and fellow council members are treated with respect. He supports policies that offer all Islanders the opportunity to call this wonderful place home.

Project Management and Accountability: Anthony has spent his career successfully managing projects in the public and nonprofit sectors. He knows what it means to be accountable to citizens, to fulfill promises, and correct mistakes. For Anthony, public service to the community is about solving problems and collaborating toward shared goals. His proven experience will make him a strong addition to our city council.

Stewardship: The actions we, as Bainbridge Islanders, take today will have lasting impacts on generations to come. Anthony is committed to stewardship of this extraordinary place that we all call home. Addressing climate change and the pollution of our marine environment must inform all decisions. Anthony has the experience to develop and evaluate public policy with a critical lens toward solutions that will preserve our island’s natural beauty.

Public Budgeting: No task is more important for a public servant than the transparent and thoughtful expenditure of the public’s money. Anthony has spent his career developing and executing budgets for public agencies at home and abroad, including the Army Corps of Engineers, Bonneville Power Administration, and the Mexican Ministry of Health. Anthony is skilled in the intricacies of public budgeting and prepared to effectively allocate local funds.

On the Issues

Affordable Housing: Anthony is committed to completing the Suzuki Project and working tirelessly to help alleviate housing unaffordability in the community. Anthony strongly believes Bainbridge Island should accommodate a spectrum of affordability levels and provide options so that Islanders can remain members of our community even as circumstances in their lives change. This is our chance to take a stand and make a difference in affordable housing now.

Code Enforcement: Anthony has seen how hard the city staff and council have worked to bring the city’s code in line with the Comprehensive Plan, but these codes are only as strong and innovative as the enforcement mechanisms behind them. Anthony will support allocating resources to document code violations and empower staff with the tools to make enforcement decisions, when necessary.

Multi-Modal Transit: Improving multi-modal transit opportunities and increasing ways for Islanders to move around the community without a personal vehicle are priorities for Anthony. He supports the addition of a Complete Streets ordinance and will advocate for expanding our extensive trail network and improving safety for roadside walkers and bikers. Anthony will also work with our legislators to ensure local ferries are safe and on-time for commuters and visitors. As your council member, Anthony will help Bainbridge Island become a community where students, seniors, and people living with disabilities can successfully move across the Island and around the region.

Water Resources: Anthony knows fair and equitable access to our water resources and improvement of our island water health are critical. As your council member, Anthony will work to end the use of chemical fertilizers, toxic pesticides, and herbicides on Bainbridge Island. Anthony also understands the importance of our streams, shoreline, and wetlands, and will ensure water resources are respected by those wishing to develop in sensitive areas.